Terraplan is an award-winning firm made up of a group of experienced, highly-motivated and talented landscape architects with extensive experience working on master plans, large-scale complex and environmentally-sensitive sites. Terraplan also has an extensive record of realizing sophisticated urban, commercial and institutional projects throughout Ontario. We recently spoke with the Terraplan team on their landscape plans for The Seasons and what it will bring to the surrounding area.

What is the Landscape Architectural Vision for The Seasons?
Mark Hanson of Hanson Development’s vision is to provide the residents of The Seasons with a real connection to the local community, as well as to the natural beauty of the area. To make this vision a reality, we considered how we could integrate parks, lakes and trails and use the existing landscape to its advantage. This relationship has always been the cornerstone of our approach to this development.


What is Terraplan’s Approach To The Seasons?
Our approach was to look at the landforms that exist on the site and develop a seamless aesthetic and holistic methodology to the design of the landscape and site elements. We examined how we could best integrate pathways for cycling, jogging and skiing, walking and hiking; how we could connect the communities; and how we could establish viewsheds for the residents. Following this approach our plans for the outdoor amenity areas include five parks, two main outdoor spaces and several pathways. We also extended the landscape plan to the surrounding community.

The Amphitheatre Park
Highlighting the park with the amphitheatre, our intention was to create an environment that will accomplish the following elements:

  • Instill a strong identity and focal point at The Seasons.
  • Maximize opportunities in the topography and views of Little Lake.
  • A space for everyone to enjoy.
  • Act as a venue for various activities and shows throughout the summer and winter months.
  • Function as a natural meeting point for residents, enhancing community spirit and relationships.


What would you like residents of The Seasons to know about the landscape architecture in their community?
We have designed the landscape to highlight the path system by creating a network of open space corridors that are conducive to and promote the community’s amenities and approach to the water’s edge. We want residents to know that unlike a gated community, the landscape is connected to the area, or more specifically Midland. It’s going to be a landscape everyone can enjoy.