Figure3 is a design firm that focuses on exceptional workplace, retail and residential spaces that challenge convention for trailblazers, risk-takers and business leaders. We spoke with Dominique de Freitas, Vice President of Residential at Figure3 about their interior design approach to The Seasons.

How did you come up with the interior design concept for The Seasons?
Our starting point was to understand who the buyer was. We knew we were dealing with young families and empty nesters, both local and from the GTA, as well as those looking for a second home, so for us it became about finding a combination that appealed to all groups.

What design approach did you decide on for The Seasons?
After we identified the elements purchasers were looking for, we came up with a plan to blend modern convenience with character. We combined rustic traditional elements with contemporary design. For instance, all the suites feature flooring made up of vinyl plank, so it looks like wood on rustic wood, but is also water resistant and able to sustain the outdoor elements, while being durable and easy to maintain. Throughout the suites you can see the juxtaposition of modern and rustic/traditional – from kitchen counters, to cupboards to baseboards, to back splashes and hardware.

What was your concept for the Members’ Club?
For that space, we went into it with the same understanding of using juxtaposition, however as it was a public space we came up with a more fun approach. The furniture designs are a great example of taking something traditional and giving it a modern twist like the sofas, which are contemporary designs but have rustic leather coverings. When you visit The Seasons’ Presentation Centre, we feature a vignette of the styling and staging techniques we employed for the Members’ Club.